Thai Lottery Result Today 1-10-2022 Winner Thailand lottery

Thai Lottery Result Today 1-10-2022 Winner Thailand lottery, Vip Thailand Lottery is drawn on the first and the sixteenth of every month. The ambitious and adventurous people Who are Seeking to check Thai Lottery Results Can Get Lottery Winning Number Details By Our Page. check Thai lottery Here, We are here to Give the Full Details of GLO Thailand Lottery, thai lottery today 1st October 2022, thailand lottery result 1/10/2022, thai lotto 3up 1-10-2022, thailand lottery king October 1, 2565.

Thailand Lottery Result Paper Tips For 1-10-2022

Thailand Lotto Middle Digit 100% Pass Last 1-10-2565

Thailand Lotto Middle Digit 100% Pass Last 1/10/2565

Thailand Lotto Middle Digit 100% Pass Last 1/10/2565, Vip Thailand Lottery is drawn on the first and the sixteenth of ...
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Thailand Lottery:

Thailand Lottery Result official national lottery (Thai: สลากกินแบ่ง, RTGS: salak kin baeng) is administered by The Government Lottery Office (GLO) The lottery is drawn on the first and the sixteenth of every month. It is one of only two forms of legalised gambling permitted in Thailand, the other being horse racing in Bangkok. Lottery tickets were first issued in the reign (1868–1910) of King Rama V. Over the years the price of a ticket has climbed from one to 80 baht. The military government has mandated that no ticket will cost more than 80 baht starting 16 June 2015.

The Thai lottery government abolished the draftee tax, levied on Thai males who wished to forego mandatory services. In 1934, the government decided to start a lottery drawn to generate funds. The lottery process was also introduced to the provinces in the same year to finance the regional municipality operations. The lottery was first issued in 1868. First Issued On King Chulalongkorn’s Birth Day. The King Granted the Royal Bodyguard Department Permission to Operate a Lottery. Appointed an English Man Named as Thai Lottery Administrator.

Thailand Lottery Previous Result 16-09-2022

thai lottery result today

It is very important for playing and winning a lottery from the buying of tickets. At the fine of buying tickets, everybody selects lottery numbers very carefully and tests their fortune. But unfortunately, most people fail since a single lottery can only produce a few winners.



Value ( Baht)

1st Prize
01 prize
2nd Prize
5 prizes
3rd Prize
10 prizes
4th Prize
50 prizes
5th Prize
100 prizes
Side Prize 1st Prize
02 prizes
3 page numbers
02 prizes
Last 3 Digits
02 prizes
Last 2 Digits
01 prize

Thai lottery tips

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Rules of Thailand Lottery:

The Thai Government Lottery (TGL) first prize is 6 million Baht. There are five-second prizes of 100,000 baht, ten third prizes of 40,000, fifty fourth prizes of 20,000 for fourth, one hundred tenth prizes for fifth and a consolation prize for the six-digit winning number.

Thailand’s lottery is one of only two forms of legalised gambling permitted in Thailand. Lottery payout ratio is 60%, compared to 74% for bingo and 81% for horse racing. 19.2 million Thais played the government lottery in 2014, spending 76 billion baht (US$2.3 billion).

Thailand Lottery Old Results List 2022:

Lottery lovers check the old lottery results for buying the next draw tickets. We also sharing variety of lotteries hot formula tips, thai lottery 4pc 1st, 2nd, last papers & magazines and cut 100% sure digits. The Lottery is a huge collection of previous and new result of thailand lotto.

Check Thai Lottery Previous Results

Method of Buying Lottery Tickets:

Lottery mathematics is used to calculate probabilities of winning or losing a lottery game. In a typical 6/49 game, each player chooses six distinct numbers from a range of 1-49. The probability of correctly predicting 2 numbers drawn from 49 in the correct order is calculated as 1 in 49 × 48.

Common Questions About Thai Lotto Results:

How can I win the Lottery?

First, check papers like cut pair numbers or 1234 and then get tickets according to the numbers you are . Then, you can choose this paper once you have guessed which papers are trending and successful in the previous results.

What time is the Thai lottery draw?

If you are in the local time zone +7, The GLO Thailand lottery Result will start live reports around at 2:30 PM and The lotto draw will end before 4:00 PM.

How do I claim Thai lottery?

If you win a Thai lottery, you have to show your “Passport” or Thai ID card to get the money from that lottery and also have to pay tax. You can bring your lottery and go to the nearest lottery shop or go to “THE GOVERNMENT LOTTERY OFFICE (Sanambin Nam)”.

Can foreigners win the Thai lottery?

The Thai Lottery is held every three months with the draw taking place on the 1st and 16th of each month except in January, May and December. Yes, Anyone can win the Thailand Lottery – there are no rules for how many times you can win.

How to win the Thailand lottery?

Before buying a Thailand lottery ticket, you should be informed of this lottery. It would be best if you learned the full knowledge opening and then performed. If you are fresh and want to invest in the lottery, I suggest you learn about the tips and methods.

Thailand Lottery Claim Prize?

Winner Has the Right to Claim Prize Within 10 years From The Lottery. If it is Past Due, It Will be Remitted As State Revenue – This means the winner will have to live in England for the next 10 years.